Disney Princess Diet (possibly triggering)


So I’m starting the Disney Princess Diet today, if anyone wants to join me, please do send a message! 

Day One: Snow White 

Predictably, this first day only has one ingredient: apples.

Eat 1-2 apples for each meal, but be careful to avoid the poisoned one!

You must eat a minimum of three apples, but no more than six!

Day Two: Cinderella 

Your stepsisters make you work all day long, but at least you have time for breakfast!

Eat up to 500 calories today, the only catch is you have to finish your

meal before the clock strikes 12! (Noon that is)

Day Three: Aurora 

Today is your resting day. Sleep in, take a nap, doze off while you’re reading a book

The goal for today is to sleep as much as you can to keep your mind off of food.

Today is a fasting day, since you can’t eat while you’re asleep.

If your prince wakes you up early, stick to ‘Briar Rose’ tea and water.

If you’d like to make this 12 day fast a full two weeks, now’s the time to do it. Take ONE day off from the themed meals and eat a max of 1000 calories after your Aurora day (or whatever your normal amount is). Get a bit of light exercise if you’re feeling up to it. If you’ve started this diet on a Sunday, consider this your mid-week break.

Day Four: Ariel 

The skinniest of the Disney princesses, there’s only one way to obtain Ariel’s perfect mermaid body:

Today is a water fast. Even though Ariel is from the salty sea, it’s better that you only stick to freshwater

throughout this day. Drink at least 64 oz. of cold water to stay as slim as Ariel.

Day Five: Belle 

If you don’t want to end up the beast in your story, drink plenty of rose tea today, just like the Beast’s

Enchanted Rose. Stick mostly to tea, but when you get hungry, have one bowl of

oatmeal with sweetener and a splash of milk with your Beast. 

Day Six: Jasmine 

To make sure you don’t weigh the magic carpet down, stick to one cup of jasmine rice for lunch. (205)

For dinner, eat plenty of steamed vegetables, but make sure you stay under 400 calories total for today

Day Seven: Mulan 

It’s a good thing rice is so tasty, because it’s the main ingredient for today! Eat two cups of white rice today:

one for lunch and one for dinner. If you’d like, you can add 1 tbsp. of low-sodium soy sauce to each for

a little flavor. For the rest of the day, stick to green tea and be careful not to eat too much rice:

"A single grain of rice can still tip the scale"

Day Eight: Tiana 

Even though Tiana loves making delicious, fattening southern food, there isn’t exactly a deep fryer in the swamp.

Good thing too! Instead, eat three green bell peppers today, one for each meal. For dinner, to add a bit of spice,

have one bowl of spicy broth along with your last green pepper. 

Day Nine: Merida

To make sure you don’t tear out of your silk dress during an archery competition, stick to the foods

Merida and her mother find in the forest. For breakfast, have one cup of fresh berries and for lunch,

stick to 3 oz. of baked salmon. If you’re still hungry, have some of Queen Elinor’s favorite beverage: hot tea.

If you’re going for the 14 day option, it’s time for another break. Take ONE day off from the themed meals and eat a max of 1000 calories (or whatever your normal amount is) after the Merida day. Get a bit of light exercise if you’re feeling up to it. If you’ve started this diet on a Sunday, this should be your second Wednesday break.

Day Ten: Rapunzel

Mother knows best, and she’s noticed you’ve been getting kind of chubby lately, so today breakfast will be just one tbsp.

of golden honey (unless you have any magical flowers you’d prefer). Rapunzel is actually the name of a leafy green

plant, so for lunch and dinner, eat as many leafy greens as you’d like, although be careful to stay under 300 calories for the day.

Day Eleven: Anna

It’s freezing in Arendelle, so today you have to stay warm. Drink as many cups of warm broth as you’d like. For dessert,

you may have one of Anna’s favorite treats: a chocolate bar! But be careful to stay under 600 calories and limit yourself to

ONE chocolate bar. It might be easy to let yourself stuff your face, but you have to make it up the north mountain, and 

chocolate will only slow you down.

Day Twelve: Elsa

Up on the mountain in the freezing cold, there isn’t much for Elsa to eat… not like she needs much. Today is another water fast,

with a bit of a frozen twist. Get your 64 oz. of water, but get as much as you can from ice cubes! Be careful not to get

brain freeze!